Is building a new desktop system with AMD CPU risky?

I will be building a new system soon.

Primarily for gaming. Yes I know intel is better, but AMD is so much cheaper.

Is it risky building a new machine with an AMD CPU if AMD plans on stop developing CPUs for desktops? meaning future support would be limited for the CPU and motherboard?
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  1. What do you mean risky?
    AMD probably won't stop making desktop CPUs, they would try to improve but won't stop unless something bad happens like they make something which is meant to be high end perform like a sempron or celeron as they would lose alot of money.

    AMD's phenom 2s are good for gaming, some athlons are good for gaming, even some semprons are good for budget gaming.
  2. I read on Forbes that AMD plans to stop developing CPUs for desktops, and focus on mobile technology only.
  3. AMD is going to stop making desktop CPU's. The Piledriver will be the last the CPU that is JUST a CPU with no integrated graphics. This means that AM3+ will be a dead socket since after that they will be switching to FM2 and CPU sockets made for APU's.
  4. For the near future AMD plans on releasing CPUs for the desktop segment. They will probably stop making consumer CPUs after 2014 and focus all their attention on APUs for both desktop and laptop solutions in 2015.

    This would be the logical step for AMD as a way to cut down on expenses because they currently need to spend time & money on R&D and manufacturing on three different processors: Server CPUs, Consumer CPUs, and APUs. Cutting out Consumer CPUs from that mix means they can focus their attention on the two remaining processors, and cut overall expenses.
  5. Yeah, socket AM3+ will die in the near future.

    Then again socket 1155 will die of next year when Intel releases Haswell (socket 1150). Socket 1150 will likely be retired in 2015 upon the release of the SkyLake CPU series.
  6. Great responses guys! thanks!
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