What is more important cpu temp or core temp ???

i have intel E5700 and intel says its max temp is 74.1 so what i need to know it what they mean? cpu temp or core temp
thats really important to me becuse iam overcloking it and when i look at the temps cpu max temp (under 100% load) ~50 but cores max temps can be as high as 65 .
thanks in advance....
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    Core temps are the CPU die's actual temp while CPU temps are how hot the IHS (integrated heat spreader or piece of metal stuck to the CPU) is.

    The Max temp or tcase temp is how hot the IHS will go before the CPU starts getting damage as Tcase temps are lower than the temps of the actual die.

    On the left is the CPU, in the middle is the die with a thin protective layer on top which will sometimes have info on it (athlon xp for example), and on the right is the IHS and can be soldered on or stuck down with a adhesive material and thermal compound is put in between.

    Core temps will always be hotter than CPU temps.
  2. What are you using to cool down the CPU?
  3. stock cooler and the cpu default clock is 3ghz (3.315 oc)
    thanks alot this is the exact info that i needed
    and nother question if you dont mind my windows dosnt recognise my oc becouse the cpu index experience never change even when i oced it to 3.5 and also hardwareinfo benchmark doesnt change please help
    my system windows 7 enterprise 32-bit( if it matters)
  4. Download this and see if it detects your O.C. (3500MHz or 3300MHz).
  5. Windows experience index is almost entirely about bandwidth and not much effected by oc'ing. Try the Futuremark benchmarks.
  6. cpu score seems to be good i think it was about 5200 before oc
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