How to remove a password on a dell top window 7 utimate

hi my name is ivonne i need help i lend my computer to someone so they can fix it and instead they change my computer from stander to administrator and put a password on my window 7 ultimate and i try going to control panel and change it from there but it does not let me and is also not letting me go back to stander can someone please help me
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  1. this is a duplicate thread. check the one in the windows 7 heading.
    besides, read this first:
  2. I can do this with software but icant tell u how to do that ,so go to the service center and said to change this
  3. Hi :)

    To explain the above to you...

    Nobody here is allowed to help with Password or Cracking questions.... its against the rules...

    All the best Brett :)
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