AOC LED Monitor, gamma gone wrong

I have an AOC LED Monitor, Model: E2243FW. Love the monitor for the price I got it.

Randomly the other day, I powered up the PC, and the gamma was way out of "wack" on the screen. I can't hardly read anything, and images are very difficult to see...never mind trying to play a game.

I tried to reset the display back to factory settings, reinstall the driver, custom set the brightness/contrast/gamma colors, re-seat the graphics card...nothing works. It did at one point suddenly change back to normal while I was using it, but since then it has reverted back to this terrible visual condition it's in again.

Any ideas anybody? Otherwise, it's still under warranty, and I'll have to ship it out to have it serviced. I'm just trying to avoid having to get a replacement monitor for the time being if there's a different fix for this.

Some images of the screen:

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