Sufficient Power Supply?

Currently I'm running this as my PC setup:

Antec 300 Illusion
Evga Z68 Sli
i5- 2500k @4.4Ghz (Hyper 212+ push/pull cooling)
EVGA 570 HD @ 782/1900
WD Black Caviar WD7502AAEX 750GB
12 GB Ripjaws X Series 1600 RAM
Antec Neo Eco 620c 620w PSU

My question is, will this 620w PSU be sufficient enough to run a PNY GTX 680? I know a 670 would be fine and my 570 HD runs at slightly overclocked speeds without issue. I've actually overclocked this 570 a bit more (stable) but it hasn't turned out to be a very good overclocker, so I turned it down and left it as is. I am hoping someone with a bit of experience in running a setup similar to this can give a little feedback here. On paper it looks like I should be OK but I would definitely like a few other opinions on it. I will also most likely play with the clock speeds some as I tend to do that with any new piece of hardware I get. Later on I will probably pick up another PSU but for now, at least the next 6 to 8 months, I will be on this 620w PSU.
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  1. The Antec is a great psu and more than enough for a 680. The 680 draws less power than a 570:
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    Manufacturers recommend 550Watt with 38amps on the +12volts combined for the 680. Your Antec with its 48amps on the +12 volts is plenty.
  3. Alright thanks, that's exactly what I thought. I'm assuming I should be OK with some minor overclocking as well. Since I can OC this 570. Thanks again guys.
  4. I went ahead and bit the bullet earlier than I first planned and am picking up this PSU along with the PNY 680. I figured it would be best for 'future proofing' just in case I decide to pick up another 680 later (if the price drops in the next few months like I'm hoping it will). I actually found this thing at Dell on sale for the Newegg price. That along with a discount I get through my company brings this PSU down to about $135. I've read some good reviews on this unit so I have high hopes.

    Corsair HX850
  5. You are all set then for the second card!
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