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can i run my system with only a cpu fan if i leave the side panel off....the fan noise is killing me
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  1. A gaming PC will generate more heat from the graphics card and the CPU will be hotter from higher loads, all that heat will be in that area, and are you sure the CPU fan isn't making that noise.
  2. the only way to do this would be to have it in open air on a test bench you can make one or you can buy one its your choice.. the graphics cards will require a fan no matter what you do .. also there are more quieter fans you can buy and swap out with scythe makes some decent ones .. or you can hook every thing up into a fan controller which can easily be purchased.. and controlled through either dials or through motherboard / software. those are pretty much your options.. even your power supply will have noise short of soundproofing your case which would hinder airflow your better off going the fan speed controller route and upgrade your system fans to quieter modles
  3. unless you want to go with a custom liquid cooling loop and then you will minimize the sound but it would be a bigger investment.
  4. i cant just leave my side panel off.....i have 2 120mm side fans and i have 120mm top fan and one 120mm on the back and thay are all very loud
  5. Yes but you have a higher risk of damaging components if you spill something or drop something metal inside the case.
  6. yes you can...but i would spend money on a fan long as the fans are slowly moving you should be fine. also check the dba of the fans some of the new ones are under 15 should only need one fan pulling air in and one pushing out hot air at top.
  7. i have 4 pulling air overclocked gtx 550ti pushes out a lot of hot air
  8. i have a small antec one case and the same video card. only running two fans..out...power supply in..runs nice and quite and cool. as long as there airflow in the case you should be fine. one thing that you can do that cheap is put in the 7w wires it cut the fan speed in 1/2. then use fanspeed or temp software to see if your temps get to hot.
  9. Water cooled systems are usually just as noisy if not more. They require alot of fans unless its something like corsair h series and those pumps are generally quite noisy.

    Take goodguy713's advice and get some scythe fans, your being really fussy if you think they are noisy and they actually push alot of air.

    Its possible to go almost completely silent. There are passive PSU's out there and Fanless CPU heatsinks (they are massive though). Have also seen a few videos of people passively cooling 550's but again they are massive and don't think it produced very good results...

    just options, don't think its worth it IMO and I would go with the scythes or something similar
  10. I had the same problem as i have 4 12cm fans. I use a lamptron FC6 fan controller and i can manually adjust all my fans. When i am not gaming i turn them down low or off for a completely silent system and when i need it i can turn them higher and still be silent or really high with some noise. I believe this is your best option as it puts you in complete control of your noise.
  11. There are high performance fans out there that stay quiet at full speed. However they are pricey. At a certain point the amount of air moved will be noisier than the fan itself- There's nothing you can do about that, but slow them down and in turn reduce the amount of air.

    TLDR; performance cooling at low noise requires some sort of fan control - be it a fan controller, a software solution (like speedfan), via motherboard or plain 5V or 7V adapter cables - and high quality fans.

    For example, some good ones are Cougar Vortex or Enermax Fans (like T.B.Silence Manual).

    Keeping your side panel of is a crap "solution". ;)
  12. You can build a fanless gaming rig within reason. Look into this cpu cooler You will want a case with plenty of mesh to let the hot air out.
  13. At least one large fan, even at really low RPM > fanless. The difference in temps is very much worth it and at low RPM a large, quality fan stays inaudible.
  14. get a fan controller, or use the mobo's fan control capabilities. You'll be able to make it quiet when not gaming, and have good enough airflow when you are gaming.
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