Bad Components?

I returned home today to play some games on my desktop pc. When I pressed the start button, no green light, fans are spinning, and no signal to the monitor. I've tried everything, unplugging the psu, hd, cd/dvd, moving ram and nothing is working. My pc specs are:
HP dx7500
Core 2 Duo @2.93 Ghz
4 Gb ram
Board unknown
PSU unknown

Any help is appreciated!
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    Start by unplugging the hardrive. Try booting up. If it still won't post, then remove one of the ram sticks and try again. You can also reset the bios by removing the motherboard battery with the power supply unplugged, and reinstall it one minute later. Maybe you can try a different power supply, but my best guess is the board.
  2. this a prebuild computer? if it is do you still have warranty? if you do, return and get a new one
  3. Thank you so much! I just pulled the battery and it started up!
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