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Radeon HD4870 and 430watt power supply?

I'm currently running an AMD Phenom II X4 955 based system with a Radeon HD4870 video card on a Thermaltake 430 watt power supply (the 12x supply is rated at 18A).
Is this power supply too small for my system, or can I get away with this till I upgrade?
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  1. what are all the other components you use
  2. Yes its to small, a good PSU at 430W may be OK but not one with only 18A on the 12V rail. For example Corsairs cheapest 430W PSU has 28A on the 12V rail which should be OK, I would get a good 500W one to be safe though.
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    18 amps is enough for a Radeon HD 4870, but don't expect to do any overclocking, you will need at least around 22 amps for that. I recommend getting a better PSU though like what simon said.
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  5. Thanks guys,
    I will eventually upgrade.
    I just picked up the 4870 on ebay dirt cheap and wanted to test it out (runs pretty good, much better then my old 3850).
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