aagh decisions plz hlp

I am faced with a very tough decision.

My computer specs

AMD T-bird 750 oc'd 810
asus a7v
windows 5 (win2k)
western digital 7200 rpm ata 100 40 gig drive... i cant think of anything else that is pertinent to the memory

RIGHT NOW i have

128 megabytes PC133 CAS 2 memory, 7 nanosecond.

Going to waste i have
32 megabytes pc100 cas 3 7.5 nanosecond memory.

I dont know whether or not i should slow down the WHOLE system and plug in my 32 megabytes of memory, or if i should just use the 128. Now its easy to say just use the 128 its faster, but my system currently is using about 155000 k of memory (as reportd by win2k) , that means its using at least 20 megs of swap file data. occasionally it will go up to 170000 or 180000 k of memory usage. I dont have the means to get a cheapy 64 meg chip, and 32 megabytes would realy cut down on swap file usage(windows frequently cuts me out of my programs to increase swap file size) . SO do i use the 32 megs and slow everything down? or not?

will my pc133 128 meg chip still give me ANY performance gain over hte pc100 if i plug the pc100 in?

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  1. it depend on how you are overclocking it
    if you are using the fsb then yes you should drop the 32 megs

    if you using the muliplers then you should leave itin there

    you get a grater performance increase with overclocking the fsb
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