UV or LED?

Starting off, everyone knows that LED lights are much brighter than UV. With that being said, I'm not necessarily looking for the brightest rig out there, I want a cool inside glow effect in my case. I think that UV lights can meet my needs, because the UV reactant parts aren't emitting lights, they are just reflecting it, whereas all LED lights are projecting.

I was wondering if there were people that had real results that they have had with UV and LED lighting. I don't want meteor lighting because it's too flashy for my room. If I do decide to go with UV, I will need to find a way to light up all of my parts (SATA cables, fans, sleeving, tubing) so I think the best way may be to mount UV lights on the top, bottom, and side of the inside of the case (I have an 800D, so there's plenty of room) to get the UV light to every part. If I went with LED, I could probably do a central lighting position for them, but I'm afraid that LED lighting may be too bright or too cheesy looking (no offense). I think that UV makes it look a lot cleaner as a whole but I don't want it to be a disappointment.

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  1. Okay, these are my observations and opinions only here. If illuminating with LED's simply use LED fans. I've used LED fans all over - even on windowless side panels - that looks cool.
    I currently use UV only for my water line's health but here is my plan for my next build - sleeve everything in white since white's great for reflecting UV light and it gives off that nice eerie purple color. Using 12" Cold Cathode Tubes like these
    Not much but that's all I got...
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