Help with my new PC build.

I am building a computer for the first time and i am looking for advice on what else to include or replace. what i have so far is:

case -

motherboard -

cpu -

ram -

graphics -

fans - x7

im running win7 and a friend is giving me 2 raptor drives for my os disks. i still need hard drives, cd-rom and maybe a few other things i dont know about. this computer is not for gaming or anything in particular i just wanted a really really nice computer. Can anyone ok this build for me and give me ideas for what else i need to get.
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  1. You don't need extra fans. Those are a waste of $.
  2. I also need a good PSU i was thinking about 1000W for upgrades in the future
  3. I agree, no need for that many fans, especially in that case (HAF = high air flow).
    Just get a good CPU cooler like Hyper N520 and have one fan in front pulling in and one rear exhaust. I'd also say no need for 1000W PSU unless you'll be running 2x GPU in Crossfire on 2.0x16 or greater and since you're not using for gaming you don't need nearly 1000W.

    If you're not a gamer, a budget GPU should be fine, and I have the MSI gtx550ti Cyclone and it works just fine. Here's the EVGA version

    Better board

  4. there some good combo deals on new egg now for intel z77 mb.
  5. Do you already have those parts, or is this a shopping list that can be changed?

    What is your budget?

    1) If you will not be playing fast action games, then there is no need for a discrete graphics card. Integrated graphics will play HD movies and do normal desktop work.

    2) If you will not be runing multithreaded apps, there may not be a real need for a quad either.
    A stronger duo would be fine.

    3) Raptors were nice in their day, but a SSD is what will make your pc feel much quicker.
    A SSD is 50x faster than the raptors in random i/o which is what the os does mostly. OK to use the raptors for storage.

    4) A 1000w psu is crazy. A basic pc will run on about 100-200w. It is the graphics cards that take power. The latest 28nm 7970 or GTX680 cards will run on a 550w psu. Even if you do not get a discrete graphics card, get a 550-650w psu anyway. They do not cost much more than the 400w unit you need, but it will allow you to upgrade your graphics in the future.

    I suggest a i3-2120 for $127 A strong duo with hyperthreading.
    A modest H61 based motherboard, the ASRock H61M/U3S3 for $70
    A SSD for the os and a few apps. 60 gb should do it, expect to pay $100 or so for a Intel 520 or samsung 830 drive.
    Your linked ram is good.

    These parts do not generate heat, the stock cooler will do fine.
  6. i already have the parts i have linked.
    I guess what im trying to build is a performance PC.
    Since im in school for IT i am trying to learn more
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    stfu_brad said:
    i already have the parts i have linked.
    I guess what im trying to build is a performance PC.
    Since im in school for IT i am trying to learn more

    It is better to ask questions BEFORE you make decisions, not after.
    You then have the opportunity to revise any problem areas.

    Not a bad idea in school too.
  8. 1000w PSU is only for Quad SLI/crossfire... Get 600-800w. That's the sweet spot. 1-2 case fans are good, but 7 is way too much.
  9. 1000W PSU is for tri-SLI/CF. For quad, you need a 1200W PSU.
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