What should i use this old computer fore

i foud a computer at a thrift store, the guy didnt know if it workd so he gave it to me for 2 dollars. annyway i was wondering what i could use it fore besides a standerd computer(withc i already have). this is just for fun.
the specs are:
Athlon 3000+ 2ghz
1g ram
650gb hdd
ati radeon 9550 agp 256mb
anny sugestions,
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    A boat Anchor?

    NAS? (Network attached storage not the hip-hop artist)

    A kid's PC?

    An HTPC?

    A teaching tool if you're majoring in IT?

    Not bad for 2 bucks, I wouldn't mind having one to fool around with for learning purposes as an IT major.
  2. backup PC?
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