Need help figuring out what went wrong

ok so my computer is turned on 24/7 and when i go to sleep i only turn off the monitor when i turned it on display driver started to stop working and recovering repeatedly and i mean as it stops as soon as it starts again and then eventually the hardware failure blue screen apeared and the computer restarted then it started doing that again eventho it was working perfectly the night before i tried reinstaling the driver but still did teh same and looked like this
and then went worse when i tried to look a solution online so here i am tryin to figure out what went wrong my computer specs are
cpu:i5 650
Ram: 4gb
MB:gigbyte p55-usb3l
psu:coolermaster 400watt
GPU:EVGA SC Nvidia 450gts

and i didn overclock anything
thanks in advance
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  1. was a ram problem one of the rams died on me
  2. I aways have to say something when I see someone fix there own problem. It is good to hear that. Hats off to you on a good catch and fix.
  3. thanks,btw hows the 550 ti holding with u,i considered upgrading to it but ppl kept telling me that 560 ti is better , yours is the superclocked right?
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    And they are right. The 550's are not that fast even with both in SLI the single 560 ti still beats them. They are only good for strategy games. The BF3 type games they can't handle it, med to low setting's all the time.

    If you are going to invest get the 560 ti's. If I had known about Tom's hardwear before I put this rig together I would have done something different like buy the 560 ti's. My 550 ti's are OC'd but not superclocked. They are in the middle. Here are some info on the cards.,3067-7.html
  5. thing is if i buy it im getting the evga superclocked one or the FTW if i found it here,and the cpu if my 450gts is only 2nd to the super clocked 550gtx ti's thats why im pretty hesitant about the 560ti which also i would get super clocked from evga and ftw if possible lol
  6. Well bottom line is what you think is best and you know what your needs are. I would suggest that you get other opinions one the GPU. That way your reserch will be complete before you pull the triger. I agree with you on the superclocked.

    Did you know on some programs you can OC your GPU's like MSI Afterburner also you can monitor your temps and set your fan speeds on your GPU. It is a good tool to have and it is free. We I want to wish you the best and I hope eveything works out for you.
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