6990 or 7970

hi ,

I've been out of the loop for a bit.
This 7970..is it the latest top of the line from amd, replacing the 6990?

I noticed it is single core?

just wondering.

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  1. the 7970 is replacing the 6970. the 7990 will come out to replace the 6990.

    single gpus are better than dual gpus due to better scaling and less driver problems.
  2. when is this 7990 due out? I guess i can still sell my 2 6990s for how much?
  3. the 7990 will come in a month or 2 most likely.
  4. I wonder if I need a new MB for it.. I have an p6tdeluxe v2...asus..
  5. probably not, they are all backward compatible.
  6. would I see any benefit in pci e v3 vs 2?
  7. so far no, maybe in a few years when even more powerful cards come out.
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