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Hi everyone :)

I'm thinking of upgrading the Graphics from the Intel HD to a dedicated card. My computer SPEC - ACER X3990 Slim Line PC, i5 2320, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD running Windows7 Home.

I'v been looking around on the internet for possible cards but i have learnt that my PC runs a PSU of 220W, and with this and the fact its Slim Line???????????? I'm limited with what i can upgrade it to?

The posts I've looked at are about 6months old and wanted to ask if anything has change with the situation and is there a good Card out know that my PC will run, also one post said it was n't possible to upgrade the PSU on an ACER Slim Line PC?

Just for info i'm looking to upgrade for playing games.

If anyone can help i would very gratefull and would like to thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

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  1. If its a TFX supply (what most slimline computer use), Seasonic sells a 300w one, but that isn't much either. If you are serious about the upgrade, you can buy a case, PSU, and new GPU and just move the mobo to the new case. I did that with my Dell Studio Slim since I decided to re purpose its use.
  2. I was hoping to stay away from changing the case as its still in warrenty and to be honest I no enough about computer toget me buy but messing about with the insides is a diiferent story.
    Thanks for your advice and i will proberly look into it when the warrenty runs out, plus it gives me some time to learn how to do it as well :)

    Again thanks, and if anyone nows of a Low end GC that will last me untill i can change my case and PUS Please do tell :)
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