Building a new gaming/multipurpose system

once again i've got the bug to build another computer, and i was looking for a little bit of help vetting my setup:

$100 bitfenix raider
$180 intel 2500k (link)
$105 gigabyte z68xp-ud3 (link)
$56 8 gb g skill 1600MHz ripjaw (link)
$157 128gb crucial m4 ssd (link)
$0 750gb caviar black *pulled from an old build*
$139 sea sonic x series x650 gold (link)
$360 amd 7870 *not sure which vender to buy from*
$35 cooler master hyper 212 evo (link)

I already picked up my cpu and mb for the listed prices after finding a good deal at microcenter ($50 off mb with select cpus). also, the RAM is on the way from amazon.

i'm planning on oc'ing the cpu. i was thinking of crossfiring my gpu down the road, hence the 650w psu. also, i linked to staples for the m4 because i have a 30 off 150 coupon and am hoping they come get some more in stock. otherwise i'd happily go with the new intel 520 cherryville ssd or a samsung 830. i guess it depends on what i can grab on sale.

anyone have any thoughts/recommendations on ssd/psu/gpu? I'm pretty set on picking up a gold rated psu, and everyone seems to have nothing but good things to say about seasonic. also, i would really like to go with the 7850 because of how efficient it is on top of being a really great gpu. i don't think i'd want to pay for a more beastly card.

thank you very much for any and all of the feedback.
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  1. 650w will not cut it for crossfire. Needs about 800w for that with 4 PCIE 6-pin connectors. Get from XFX. Have one. DOuble lifetime warranty, great quality, runs cool, good prices. Altough, ASUS/Gigabyte/Sapphire are good.
  2. You could do alot better than just that.

    Check out my $850 build here:
    Swap the 7850 for the 7870 of your choice. (+100)
    Get this 120GB Mushkin Chronos SSD (+45)

    You'd get a better PSU, not necessarily better in efficiency but better in the sense. You get more watts but also the fact that you can SLI/CF in the future. Plus You get it cheaper, saving you some money.

    Another area, the Asrock Extreme3 Gen3 Z68 has Gen3 support for PCI 3.0 if using an Ivy Bridge chip though since you've purchased your motherboard already never mind.

    The Mushkin is cheaper, still provides just as fast speeds and is fairly reliable since recent firmware updates.
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