LG E2360V-PN 23" vs. ASUS VH238H 23"

First of all I'm going to apologize that I put this in the wrong catagory, I just didn't see a monitor catagory/subcategory anywhere and though graphics and display to be the best.... anyways on to my question!!!

I can get either of these monitor for a nice price (they are both $140) the asus monitor is advertised at a 2ms response time vs the LG's 5ms advertised response time, however I read on many sites that response times are usually off so I'm not sure if the difference there will really make any difference. I love that the LG monitor is much thinner, lighter and just looks nice all around imo but people say the stand is flimsy, on the contrary the asus monitor seems well built and sturdy...... but it's kind of bulky and ugly. Which would you guys suggest? Or are these both terrible monitors and I should choose something all together.
P.S. I will be using either an amd radeon 6870 or a geforce 560 (non TI)
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  1. They certianly aren't terrible monitors and you could add a Samsung and Asus monitors to the mix as they make a good ones as well. I would go with the lowest response time as possible.


  2. its not so much that response time are off, but they measure differently so its hard to compare. But I have had great experience with my Asus monitor and parts.

    I would also.consider the warranty. Asus has free two way shipping and I think cross shipping.
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