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Computer Goes Green and Freezes

Hey guys,

Here's my situation:
I just got my new computer built. Got my new keyboard and mouse today, ready to use. Finally. I set up everything to my liking, download a few things for music, antivirus, etc.

I finally install a game, Crysis 1. I go into it and I'm setting up everything to it's standards and all of a sudden a green screen covers the whole monitor and the comp stops responding. Frozen. My heart drops. I've been only on for under an hour on my new beauty and I'm really scared of what's wrong because I don't know what it is. I'm back on it now everything's running fine but I don't want to go back into the game and have it happen again. I have no idea what the problem is because i've never had it before. I look up similar problems I have and they have video card issues or dust in the case but mine is fresh and dust free (for now). Only thing that i could come up with is probably my old GPU it's 3 years old but haven't bought a new one yet. My Mobo, Ram, cpu, hdd and ssd are all new. My Psu is kinda old (3 years) but I know it should keep running for a good while.

here are my specs if you need it.

CPU - Intel i5-2500k
FAN - Cooler Master hyper 212 evo
PSU - Corsair 750w
RAM - Corsair Vengeance 8GB
OS - Windows 7 64-bit home pre
SSD - Crucial M4 128GB
HDD - Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB
CASE (optional) - NZXT Guardian 921

So i need urgent help from you guys for my new built could be my new nightmare, hopefully not. I really hope I don't have to take it apart again or buy a new piece of hardware. If you have more questions please ask i'll answer my best of knowledge.

sorry if this is the wrong section to put it on I don't know where else to put, kind of in a panic.
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    graphic driver are up to date addded also check if there is a patch on crysis for your card
  2. ^+1
    After what scout said then check your temps to make sure your old card is up to speed and not on it's way out. You don't have anything OC'd do ya? If you do put it back to normal. crysis is a demanding game. I hope it isn't your card.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, I will do those updates right now.

    DM186 - I do not have anything OC'd, will plan to when I get my new GPU though! Crysis is a demanding game and I love it. I just played it and my gosh is it smoothhh on high settings! Gonna try to max it!!!!!

    Thanks again guys. Will update if anything comes up.
  4. Cool, that is good to hear and have fun with the game. Good luck
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