2500k or 3570k

Upgrading from phenom 975 x4

Ive been looking on various forums and this is pretty much what ive gathered

3570k has PCIe 3.0 support and runs about 5% faster than 2500k at stock speeds but tends to run alittle bit hotter than the SB chips

2500k is a cheap efficient chip that overclocks very well and doesn't particularly have any heat issues.

To give alittle detail. I plan on getting the ASrock extreme4 z77 MOBO regardless of whatever CPU i choose. I AM USING THIS PURELY FOR GAMING, I also will be running with my current Hyper 212+ with Arctic formula 5 for cooling, and i plan to upgrade to 2 gtx 680's in SLI and lastly i plan to overclock to 4.0 Ghz and perhaps more in the later future (few months maybe)

Keeping in mind that i have a mid range CPU cooler and the 3570k runs hot and the fact that i will eventually have 2 gtx 680's in my rig.

Is the 3570k worth the effort with its PCIe 3.0 support but poor OC temps or does the PCIe 3.0 support not really help at all with frame rates?

Would either be a bottleneck and finally

which do you believe i should go for?

Thank you
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  1. If you can find the 2500k new or used for around $160 (microcenter new price recently) then I would go with that. But I'm not a gamer so you may get better advice by waiting for more responses.
  2. Taken all together, it sounds like you'd do best with the 2500k because you intend to overclock beyond 4 GHz. PCI 3 is essentially a non-issue.
  3. before you make the mistake to buy an ivy cpu you really need to read this:


    there is no cooler that can keep you happy with these chips.

    Also at the bottom you will find a link for sandy LGA 2011 socket if you think pci-e 3.0 is so importand to you.
  4. Since you already have a PII X4 975, I would wait for Haswell to come out next year before upgrading.

    IB can usually OC to about 4.2GHz - 4.5GHz, SB can usually OC to about 4.5Hz to 4.7GHz. IB's 5% performance increase means that it can effectively be equal to a SB CPU OC'ed to about 4.4GHz - 4.7GHz.

    Actual OC varies from chip to chip so if someone can OC a SB CPU to 5.0GHz, that does not mean you can as well. In other words, "your mileage may vary".
  5. I would get 2500k
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