How long do you guys think ATI 5xxx series can still perform well?

Hey guys i wanted to upgrade my 5850 toxic 1 gb but considering the performance its still giving with latest drivers i think i am still able to play many games at max settings(ok maybe a little less AA) at 1920x1080 resolution.

So what do you guys think on the upcoming games can the 5xxx series still be enough to play new games this year?.

But yea i think 5xxx series will perform a bit worse in DX 11 and Tessellation but still i think it can still give 30 fps or more in upcoming games.
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  1. im a little in the same boat. I have 2x 5870's and the only cards to outperform them are the GTX590, 6990 and a 7970 or CFX 6970's / 580's

    unless you have the oportunity to sell ur 5850 i wouldnt bother with an "Upgrade" as they wont offer much performance increase.

    im looking to sell each 5870 to diff friends and get a single 7970 to replace them.
  2. Yeah he's in the same

    Anyways, I'm planning on running my oc'd 5850 for some time. My 22" is only 1680x1050, so it's pretty good.

    I'll probably pick up a 7850 in a year or so when they are $200.
  3. I don't see the games changing so much that you have to upgrade right away but I would really be thinking and saving now for the fucture card. According to the CES show the new games coming out in 2013 and 2014 is like from now to then is night as to day. A friend of mine who went to the CES show told me this.
  4. probably when the next consoles launch and the 8XXX launch.
  5. @geekapproved

    He is, Has a 1/2 decent (but 1-2 year old) graphics setup and to replace would cost a bit but not offer great performance increase.

    Unless he can get good money for his 5xxx card its not really worth getting a 6xxx or even a 7xxx (playing @1080P)
  6. It will work as long as you are happy with its performance. No use spending money just for the sake of having a bigger first number in the name.
  7. It really just depends on what games you play and if you mind running them at reduced settings.

    My current rig is using a single 5870 for 3150x1680 Eyefinity. It's showing it's age for sure but it still has pushed every single game I've thrown at it including BF3 with mostly medium settings. If it weren't for the 1GB of VRAM I could probably do more.

    My wife is still using a 4850. While she's not what I'd call a hardcore gamer it's still serving her needs for Sims3, WoW and the oddball game here and there.

    Personally I'd wait for at least Kepler a few months from now. Even if they aren't huge jumps over Tahiti it should at least have an effect on the pricing. That's my suggestion anyways.
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