What to upgrade first on computer for gaming

I would like to know what i can upgrade first on my gaming rig
specs are :

i5 2400k 3.3GHz CPU
4GB x 2 DDR3 RAM
HD 6950 2gb
Gigabye H67MA - motherboard
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  1. Hmm. You have the start of a really good system. Maybe you could update your MB to a Z77 and get an SSD? Does that sound like a starting point?
  2. what case and PSU do you have? your motherboard can support crossfire X, where (if you don't know) you can add a second 6950 2GB card and run them simultaneously, so you can get almost double the performance.

    to do this though you'd need to have an ATX case (not MATX) and ideally a power supply with 4 PCI-E power cables, 2 for each card... oh and buy a second graphics card too!
  3. enough good and maybe need revision if still had budget
  4. Hi :)

    Graphics card...

    All the best Brett :)
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  6. Multiple posts......
  7. I dont think you need an upgrade right now. Your system seems fine. Are you playing games, if so which ones? Are you having issues?
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