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New build need Graphics card idea

I am building a new core i5 2500 or 2500k system including: not purchased yet.
64GB samsung SSD

(I have the following already)
p8p67 m

Antec earthwatts 650

I need to connect to an 18.5 monitor. Monitor is a Vizio 720p HD: 1366x768.

I don t know much about graphics cards, but will want to be able to play movies, BlueRay, and rarely play games such as Need for Speed or Grand theft auto 4.
I am a student and will be interested in getting my COMPTIA certification, so I am intending on learning more about the systems altogether. I would like to learn how overclocking works, but dont need to run mine OC.
The questions:
Which video graphics would be recommended? I will plan to purchase this on Friday Feb. 3rd.
should I consider the 2500K for learning purposes though I may not need to OC?
considerations were:

My budget expected for graphics card was planned at less than $80
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  1. Get the 2500k, you never know when you will want to OC ;)

    Don't get an 8400. Thing is ancient now. These would be better for less than $80 if you are buying from Microcenter (Either one would be better than an 8400)
  2. VetteDude, great nic. In that light I may be considered a TA dude. Trans am. Not quite the vette but I like my old car. Thank you for the info. I will check that out. I am clueless about the GPU stuff still.
  3. :)

    Newegg is a great place to look for GPU's. Your $80 can get you a decent card, but you will have to be on the upper end of your budget. These cards would also be decent for light gaming and Blu Ray: - 512MB is plenty for your resolution
  4. I would get the first one that VetteDude suggested it has a better cooling platform and it will handle your gaming needs and learning. I took A+ Certification in 2000 and on your own time and what you learn having that card will be worth it. Good luck with your schooling and of course your GPU.
  5. difference in money is no problem I just didnt want to spend more for a card unless it was a noticably better performer. Thanx
  6. buy a 6450, it should perform what you need it for perfectly.
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    Everybody on here has very good suggestions. Bottom line it comes down to your choice and what you think will be good for your gaming and learning needs. If I was in your shoes which I was at one time.

    I would get the best card that money could buy with your budget. The reason I say this is because everything is getting more advanced including games and other softwear, making the smaller cards obsolete.

    The biggest card on here for your budget is the 6670. Here is another link to a HD 6670 it is in the 90's but with the rebate it comes out to 70 something. Good luck to you.
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  9. Seems you picked out a card! Good luck on the build Mr Fraley :)
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