Computer not booting..what is to blame. CPU or mobo?

My computer shut down unexpectedly the other day and every time I've tried to start up since then I get no display from monitor.

PSU fan is running. Video card fan is running. LEDs and a few headers such as CPU fan do not work on motherboard. I get no beeps from my mobo either. Case fans are running. Trying to make sure the mobo is to blame before I buy a new one. Could anything else be the issue

i7 2600K
Nvidia GTX 570
8 GB Mushkin 1600 mhz RAM
ASRock P67 Extreme 4 motherboard

EDIT: No beeps with one stick of RAM. No beeps with no sticks
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  1. Try taking both RAM stick out and turn it on and see if it beeps then test both RAM sticks by putting them in one by one.

    Try running on integrated graphics.
  2. If you have no beeps (that is case speaker connected) then the board is not registering that there is no ram inserted which points to board failure. You sure that the PSU is OK?
  3. Sure sounds like mobo. Look through the mobo manual quickly and see if there is anything else suggestive, but the LEDs on headers not working sounds just about definitive.
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