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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum/discussion, so I'll thank all of you in advanced. I had a Diamond 6870 for Battlefield 3 and I just upgraded to a Diamond 6970, but for some reason my computer restart and noticed the same frame rates as the 6870. I was thinking just to go and get an MSI GTX570 TFIII. Can you guys help me here?
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  1. Do you have updated drivers (not from the CD that came with the HD 6970)?
    What is your CPU?
  2. I updated to the latest driver and used driver swepper to remove any other driver. I have a 2500k oc to 4.5Ghz and 16gb of memory with and intel 80gb ssd. Now I'm debating between 6970 and the gtx570, because I never experienced any issues with nvidia in the past.
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