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I recently bought a new video card and a new processor for my PC, which is old enough. The video card I bought was mostly for gaming and it works well: GT430 Dual-Fan 1GB and same for the processor: Core 2 Duo E6300. As I installed the new processor, the computer started up very fast and the task bar filled in under 1 minute. I was on the internet after 3 minutes.

My sister kept begging me to make her an account on the PC, so she can play, so I did, and that slowed the task bar A LOT. I told my sister that and I deleted her account. It takes 7 minutes for the computer to completely start up and I get on the internet after 10 minutes. What's the problem with it? How can I fix it?

What I tried:

msconfig - unchecked programs I don't need.(didn't work)

If anyone would be nice to help me here, thank you! I really want to get the old PC speed. The processor isn't really used, I only got it a month or two ago.

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  1. I would try doing a clean install of windows since you changed out the video card and CPU. Its usually not necessary, but it couldn't hurt.
  2. Slow computers are usually the result of slow hard drives. I would get a new hard drive + fresh install of windows.
  3. Also uncheck startup programs.
  4. rule #1 computers slow down over time; even a few days. it almost never runs "like new" unless you re-install everything again.

    i suggest getting Ccleaner to clean out temp files and unnecessary start ups, even though you did check.

    also check for a virus that either you or your sister may have acquired; those things are tricky even experienced users get them.
  5. Did you completely reinstaled W7 whit respectives drivers? That can be a problem.
  6. No, I've got windows XP SP3.
  7. CharlieJeffy said:
    No, I've got windows XP SP3.

    Win xp will get slower overtime. You have to maintain xp so carefully to keep up good speed, like uninstall unnecessary soft, not running too many program at once and use of disk clean. Especially virus/malware can slow it mostly. It is vulnerable to them.

    Get win 7 and it can keep-up good speed in time.
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