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Hi im looking to buy a custom water cooled gaming PC. I have around £2000-2500 can any one give me advice where to buy one from. i want the i7 3930k over clocked and the gtx 680 i also want it to be fully watewr cooled with fan contollers. any help welcome. I just dont know what over parts to put with this in terms of memory ram etc to get a pc that work well and stable. i also want blu-ray rw
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  2. koolance.com for your cooling system. I made mine from them and everything was awesome.
    newegg.com for your compluter parts. pick a 2011 socket motherboard, your choice processor, choice graphics card, any ddr3 ram at or over 4gb in size, blu ray drive, power supply, hard drive, and operating system.
    I doubt the gtx 680 has a water cooling block for it yet, but koolance would have one if there is.
  3. yes gtx 680 gpu block of coolance is out

    for cooling parts coolance , danger den , xspc and few others are the best for wc parts and kits.
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