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GPU overclocking, what should i trust?

So ive decided to overclock by flashing my gpu...

for fun i brought the Core to 2GHz, and the memory to 3 GHz....

i look in catalyst control center, and it was showing it at stock, so i uninstalled it thinking it may be the issue

im rather lost though, Speedfan is claiming the gpu is still running on the stock 1.2V.........
lol, looked at the sensors and its still running at stock speeds....

does anyone know how to get it to run at the speed i want it to? :P
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  1. Might help if you list what you are trying to overclock. Or maybe burn up and destroy trying to run any GPU at 2Ghz........
  2. wtf. 2ghz? wow...
  3. hehe, sorry forgot bout that

    im using an AMD radeon hd 6770
  4. lol, well according to this pic...

    its not actually running at the speeds i set em to
  5. And you seriously thought it was a good idea to turn the core clock up to 2Ghz? And the memory to 3Ghz? Hope you have a backup card laying around.
  6. on that note, im going to bring it back.... alot

    but as i said, its still running at stock speeds and im wondering how would i get it to run at the speed set
  7. Try just overclocking it a sane amount and see if that works.
  8. LOL, brought it back to 1000MHz, 1400MHz memory

    still didnt work, so i went into AOD, and set it to the "factory defaults" and it worked, so okay :)
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    you know OC on mid ranged amd gpus gets like max 10% OC right?
  10. If you are running a reference cooler you dont want to go over 10% mentioned by asrever.

    Example of safe overclock on 6970:
    Base: Core=880MHz, Mem=1375MHz
    OC:Core=930-950, Mem=1425-1450Mhz

    What are you using to OC the card?
  11. If I recall your GPU won't perform at top speeds unless it is under load. However, I think it would be a terrible idea to do the 2ghz gpu 3GHz memory because you'll likely burn out your part real quick
  12. okay thanks, didnt know that :P
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