Is my cpu overheating?

Would somebody be able to tell me if my computer is running at an acceptable temperature? My computer has been quite noisy lately (the noise is from the fans I believe) and I'm not sure whether I should replace the fans. Here is a screenshot of HWMonitor with an idle system.
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  1. that idle and all fan ran 100% and seem high temp and hot ..
    replace thermal paste / get new cooler
  2. Your temps are high, you can also use this software-

    I would recommend cleaning dust out of your system, your fans are all running at 100%.
    I would also recommend reapplying thermal paste-
  3. OK thanks. What do I reapply the thermal paste to? The heatsink?
  4. heatsink need clean and all fan too, but if you use stock cooling get New cooler
  5. You clean the old paste off with some cleaning alchohol (not the version you drink)off heatsink and processor then put a pea size amount on the CPU then fit the heatsink and secure, the link i posted covers most of this.
  6. yeah I checked in my case and it wasn't very dusty so I think I need a new cooler because the one I have now is stock. any recommendations on a good cooler that I could use as a replacement?
  7. Do you have a budget on how much the cooler is?
    And what case have you got?
  8. if no OC .. just get new stock cooler enough that include thermal paste
  9. CM212plus its cheap does the job and you can even oc with it if you want. 60 - 70c idle temps are NOT good lol. those are temps you should be seeing with stock cooler loads temps.
  10. Thanks for all the recommendations...those look good and are pretty inexpensive so I'll look into getting one. I've got a Dell Studio XPS 435t/9000 so I'm not sure of the case manufacturer. It's just the standard one that dell gives you.
  11. Is liquid cooling worth it or should I stick with the fans?
  12. If you are overclocking then go with water cooling, if not then stick with air cooling.
  13. ^^
  14. What amuffin, whats wrong?
  15. If you have a abundance of money to spend then go water cooling if not air. You can probably get a cpu loop going for 250 - 350$ using a rasa kit but if you add gpu in there will cost you a bit more. If you looking for a inexpensive way to do it then air is the way to go. If you want closed water loop can get those starting at 60 - 80$ but your better off with a higher end air cooling then a closed loop water cooling system in my opinion. if you want water cooling custom loop is only way to go!!! because you are using a dell case make sure you have the clearance for a beefy air cooler before you purchase it as well or else you will be running it with the side of your case off at all time. as for the question of is water cooling worth it, it all comes down to how much you want to spend on cooling your parts and if you want to spend the time to put a loop together or if you want to slap something in there quick and be done with it. I enjoy building water cooling systems i would build one just for the enjoyment of doing it ( hobby ) to someone else it might not be worth it. its all personal opinion.
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