Reboot and select proper boot device...can't find boot options in bios

I am getting the "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media.... message on start up. I go into the bios menu (graphic, not dos screen, asus motherboard, evga, intel i5) and there is not option to change the boot device. I tried using the alternate sata wire and what come up immediately is almost the exact message, minus on line that has a folder on it.
When I hit F11, it goes to a small box that says boot options, with 2 choices, configuration, which taks me into the bios options, or boot default, which takes me to the error message in black and white, Roboot andselect proper boot device ....Just for t/s, I tried to boot to a known working bootable cdrom disk, and it didn't boot to that either. It seems that the options for changing the boot device aren't present. Before all this hapened, the user got that virus that wants you to buy their anti virus software. I think it is the kind that checks the proxy box and you can't do anything on your computer. I've heard that some bad viruses can destroy your boot sector and this seems like that is waht happened but I'm not an advanced repair tech so maybe I can get some opionions. I tried a few suggestions that didn't work. (Use the other SATA wire, disconnect the CDrom drive). I don't have another computer right now to put t his hard drive in and try torun a check disk as on suggestion said. It's a WD 1 terabyte harddrive, about 9 months old, only about 40% full.Computer has high end components for hd graphics. Any help appreciaed and thx ahead of time
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  1. What you can try is to shut down the Pc and unplug the psu from the wall socket. Then remove the cmos battery and after about a minute or so press and hold the power button the release any stored power in the caps. After waiting about 10 minutes then put the cmos battery back in and plug in the power supply and power up and see if the boot optioon has changed.
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