How to install windows xp on windows 7 in different partition

hi dear all, kindly help me i have a laptop i3 on factory fitted installed win7. i want to install winxp on the same system on other partition. is it possible ? THANKS
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  1. use win xp and 7 both os in 1 system Yes, but now windows 7 doesnt work in ur lap now ,reason winxp dont know about 7 u see both os at boot time but u get need boot disk in 7, see next tread how to solve this
  2. Instal xp and then 7 ,now see both os and select which os xp or 7 to go at every time
  3. Hello SALEEM KHan;

    It's possible and it works very well. Use WinXP Service Pack 3.

    Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

    Look for the section
    OPTION TWO: When Windows 7 is Installed First
  4. its xp dont bother that OS is dead
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