Graphics card and motherboard compitablity

i was thinking of buying a graphics card geforce gt 520 or gefroce gt 440 which would be compitable with my motherboard pig31t mercury so that graphic would work or not

my computer specs are
cpu dual core
ram 1gb
motherboard mercury pig31t
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  1. If the board has a PCIe x16 slot both will work the GT440 being the more powerful.
  2. Upgrade your ram, to maybe 3GB

    Get a 440. Better one is 6670, but since you probably can't get it, get 440.
  3. Your motherborad has a 1 x PCI ExpressX16 expansion slot, so you can place any modern card on it, to include both Gforce 520 and 440, but mind the card dimensions against your case available space, as some card are too long/big

    As suggested you can improve your ram, as your mobo support up to 4 GB. Get a DDR2 800 kit
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