Hey guys and gals. IM STUMPED. I just purchased a radeon xfx 4870 for my rig and downloaded the latest drivers. My problem is that I cannot open CCC and have tried literally EVERYTHING. I reinstalled the drivers, the went into safe mode and used a driver cleaner, I uninstalled all .NET framework and went into safe mode and uninstalled .net again with a driver cleaner, I reinstalled all the new frameworks, I have done each one of those steps numerous times and in a couple different orders. When I first login to windows (XP 32bit sp3) I get "Catalyst Control Center: Host application enountered a problem", the box with the send dont send...When I go to open CCC same box pops up. Im so frustrated and do not know what to do. I went from a 8800gt 512mb to a radeon 4870 1gb and I play half life 2 and I LOST about 30fps! If anyone has any idea please please please let me know I am so frustrated. Thank You.
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  1. Because you didn't specifically state it, did you uninstall the NVidia drivers?

    -Wolf sends
  2. First these are the latest drivers ( Second run windows update and install all the crit. and recommended updates it finds. Re-run it until there are no more updates.
  3. I had the same problem the last time I tried an AMD board. I never did get rif of it until the next drivers came out. This is a perfect example of why I so often say that they have buggy drivers.
  4. To answer some questions, yes I did uninstall the nvidia drivers, I even did that i assume is the correct way to uninstall drivers and how i have always done by first unistalling through add/remove, then entering safe mode and using a driver cleaner program for a clean uninstall. I always update windows constantly and actually use automatic updates and just to double check went manually to see if there were anymore updates to be done and there werent. I have the latest ATI drivers also. I literally am completely out of ideas. I was told to maybe use a third party driver but that still doesnt fix my problem which i shouldnt be having in the first place. So as to all the ideas you guys gave I thank you for them but none of them worked. Any others Im willing to try to a T.
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