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Green dots flickering on screen after GPU upgrade.

So I was told to get an asus hd radeon 6670 gddr5 GPU, along with an antec earthwatts 380 PSU. Yesterday I got the units and installed everything ( even though there are like 20 connections I didnt use of the new PSU, I only used 3 ). I wasnt having any problems till now. Suddenly out of nowhere I see green dots coming and going all over my screen. It was getting worse and worse, so I turned off my desktop, waited a little bit, and then turned it back on again. Now I dont see the dots anymore. I noticed this happened after 10 minutes of playing 5 minutes on a game using 1680x1050 resolution ( native settings of my monitor ).
Did the GPU overheat? I didnt change the default settings on the GPU through the "catalyst control center" program that came with it. I installed the drivers from the CD, and then updated them through the asus website in order to have the latest version. What caused this and how can I prevent it from happening again? Is my GPU been affected irreversibly already? 380W PSU wasnt enough?
I have an hp desktop p7-1110: i3-2120 @ 3.30GHZ, 6GB RAM, 1TB hard drive.
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    Get the latest drivers from the AMD site and not the Asus site.
    And why did you get another PSU? That card doesn't need extra power
  2. Hmm..yeah I agree with alyoshka. In regards to whether your 380W psu was enough check the power requirement for your graphics card and cpu and then factor in that your psu probably will at best give you 80% efficiency at half and full load.
  3. I downloaded the drivers from the AMD site and it seems the problem has been solved. Im going to do a little bit more testing to see if the green dots are gone forever.
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