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I cannot find any analysis that shows where a GPU and a CPU break even.. Was hoping to get insight so that I can plan my upgrade cycle. I currently have a 2600k @ 5ghz and want to know how much data my GPU would have to move for the processor to be inadequate?
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  1. 4x7970 for a i7@5ghz and you still won't be adequate.
  2. You probably will not see one of those because it would vary with the software. Some software is CPU intensive. Some is GPU intensive. So the break even point would vary.

    I do not worry about it. I tend to bias things toward a more powerful CPU. I have a Q9550 OC'd to 3.6 GHz. That has been good enough to let me skip the last two upgrade cycles and let me wait for Ivy Bridge.

    An i-K running at 5.0 GHz is a pretty powerful processor. It would take a lot to bottleneck it.
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