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Building my first computer today and have a Q about installing drivers. It has been suggested by serveral sites that I do not use the CD that comes with the motherboard but rather upload drivers from the website (in this case Asus) onto a flashdrive to get the most up-to-date drivers. I just bought this mobo and want your opinion on whether this is good advice, whether it matters or not, etc.

Also, if I SHOULD be uploading from the website, I am unclear on what I should be DLing. The list for downloads on the site is as follows, should I put EVERYTHING on the flashdrive? Pardon my noobish-ness :)

- Qualified Vendor List (2) BIOS (6) BIOS-Utilities (2) Chipset (2) AUDIO (1) VGA (2) LAN (3) USB (3) Utilities (17) SATA (6) BlueTooth (2) Manual (6)
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  1. you should be fine with the motherboards drivers they have provided, you should upgrade these if you are experiencing an unstable system
    video drivers are more crucial and you should get the newest version from either nvidia or amd
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    The only reason you should have drivers on a flashdrive is if your hard drive doesn't install your OS without it, or your system crashes before you can install those drivers. Otherwise, just open your device manager, select each of your devices, and press the 'find drivers online' button.
  3. Interesting. The Newegg tutorial suggests putting Mobo drivers on a usb and installing from there as opposed to the CD to ensure you have the most up-to-date drivers but really I dont know enought (yet) whether the CD drivers will really be out of date. I was also not familiar with your method mentioned, noob :D (

    @Alvine, I have indeed read that the GPU drivers should be uploaded direct from the website which I intend on doing.
  4. I'd like to point out your erroneous usage of commonly accepted terms -- that "uploaded" means you sent something to server on the web. Seeing how you're getting drivers from the server on the web the proper term is "download."

    What newegg video suggests is a precautionary measure, in case the CD was burned and mobo was packaged for retail and then manufacturer identified some big flaw and fixed it via driver update. This is a very rare occurrence, and you should just search for typical issues with your motherboard that you're getting, if you find a lot of info telling you that there was some major driver fix for some fault, then follow instructions in newegg video, if not, nothing is wrong with drivers that come on the CD with the hardware.
  5. Ok, thanks. That is exactly what I wanted to know...whether what I have been reading in various places is precisely just that: precautionary. I will go ahead and use the CD to install the drivers.

    And touche regarding my lingo, lol.
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