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Hello,What are the features of a good mouse?
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  1. That is moves the cursor and all the buttons work. ...are you looking for a gaming mouse? ..or trying to fill a specific need?
  2. A very good inexpensive mouse is the Logitech MX518. Good for gaming and general use. (the plastic one not the metal one)

    You can find them new on Ebay for about $37.
  3. I have the Logitech MX518.
    I've had it for maybe five years and it still works great. In fact I started investigating a replacement (for gaming and general use) and couldn't find a better mouse.

    Other points:
    - Wired vs wireless (I recommend WIRED for gaming and WIRELESS for non-gamers. Mainly because of the constant charging for gaming mice.)

    - Logitech is my general pick, but go into a store and TRY the mice.

    - It's good to have a BACK BUTTON in additional to normal buttons. I use it for gaming but I also use it with the Internet.

    - Scroll wheel. I hate the feel of many scroll wheels. Some new mice have a button that can alter the scroll from clicking to spinning quickly and smoothly. The clicking is for accuracy but the quick, smooth scrolling is for easily scrolling a web page or document.

    - Scroll wheel. I also hate the wheels that can go sideways, they often full mushy. There's also a difference in the feel of the down click.

    - if you are a gamer you can't go wrong with the MX518. There might be a better mouse now but I couldn't find one I liked.

    - For non-gamers, but a wireless mouse like a Logitech with the micro-USB receiver. You may want a back button for the Internet and other programs.

    - try mice in a store to see how they feel, especially the scroll wheel
  4. Logitech ftw, always. the very best periferic for pc are Logitech.
  5. You're all wrong. I dunno about 'good' but the best mouse is obviously Deadmau5
  6. a wise man answer would be "the ones that you need"

    Go on newegg or amazon and look at expensive mice, you will see all the different features and figure out which ones you might need.

    my mother uses a generic $10 mouse from logitec, it has 2 buttons and a scroll wheel, those are the best features for her.

    my friend has a fancy gaming mouse with 15 buttons on, shiny lights, weight management, dpi switch, polling switch, he feels those are the best features.

    But as the saying goes, to each his own, you need to evaluate what your preferences are instead of trying to copy other people without understanding why they've made their choices.
  7. I think Mickey is a good mouse because he always tries to help those around him. Minnie can also be lumped into that category most of the time... although she has been known to lose her temper.
    Mighty Mouse is always a good mouse because he is a superhero after the manner of Superman.
    My pet mouse Suzie I had when I was 15 was a good mouse and mother to 8 babies... until the cat ate her...

    Brain is a bad mouse however. He is always trying to take over the world.
    Pinky is just a stupid mouse. He is neither good or bad... just mentally ill.
  8. I'm in the market as well, and after a bunch of looking around I think I am deciding to go with the Logitech G9X. Its got great variable DPI (200-5000ish), and it has adjustable body frames to suit your preference when using it. It also has adjustable weights and color schemes. Its also decently priced, not nearly as expensive as some of the others out there.
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