Noob buying pc need advice

Hi guys!

I do not know how to build a PC.
I built a PC before at a computer shop however I keep getting weird errors.

I just want a PC that can run games from 2007-present.
I just need a PC that can support games 5 years down the road.
I do not want to do advance stuff like dual graphic card, water cooling, overclocking, etc.

Buying alienware. (pro: if any problem, send the PC back to alienware. Con: my friend told me alienware are using lousy parts!)
build new PC (pro: I can choose my parts. Con: if any problem, i do not where to start)

Should I buy alienware or build another at another shop??

Thanks in advance
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  1. If you're not ready to learn about each computer part and how to know a good part from a bad one, then buy from alienware. Be aware though, no computer made today will support a game made 5 years from now very well, especially not without sli or crossfire.
    Alienware doesn't use lousy parts..
  2. build your own computer. you will learn how everything works and you will be able to troubleshoot if anything goes bad. just ask questions and we are here to help you
  3. imo Alienware is overpriced. I have used Digital Storm before and they are a little higher than Ibuypower or Cyberpower but I was pleased with their work and customer service.
  4. How much do you have to spend?
    I am currently building a low cost gaming pc, which should be capable of gaming at maximum settings for a few years.
    building a pc is really easy if you learn what all the tecky speak means...
    basically if your looking for a gaming pc i would say build it, if you was looking for a normal computer for internet/music then buy one.
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