AMD Phenom II X4 BE Cooling problems

Hi everyone!

I am for some months already experiencing an issue when powering up my pc, it says " CPU fan error, press F1 to resume ".
Well, I assumed it's because here, right now, it's cold, around 25 degrees celcius, and maybe the fan was starting too slow,
and it's speed was around 2000-2500 RPM.
So I didn't really bother with it, but just a few minutes ago I realized the temperature reading is around 92 degrees celcius!
And to be honest, it's varying a lot, went in 5 minutes to 80°, then to 76° then back to 85, then 90... Thing is I am not
using the cpu other than looking on the net for this problem.
To be even more honest, I really dislike this stock cooler that came with it, here in Brazil in Summer it simply does not
cool the way it should :sarcastic: , so I was thinking about getting a Corsair H60 water cooler. :wahoo:

Do you guys have a better idea of what to do with this problem? I already tried looking for the temperature in at least 4 different
softwares, so they are not wrong, but it might be a sensor problem? That sounds really rare isn't it? Possible, but hardly this would happen...
the CPU is not that old, I bought it more or less 14-15 months ago.

Thanks in advance everyone! :na:
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  1. Anything over 65oC is too hot.

    Are you sure the fan is connected into the right fan socket on the mobo.
  2. Normally it used to be 55, or in extreme conditions such as playing GTA IV maxed out, it would get around 75.
    It's attached to the CPU fan socket, one of the first things I checked =) I also checked for dust, it is dusty ( I clean it sometimes ), but
    my video card is much dustier and it's only 45 degrees.
  3. What did you measure your temps with?
  4. Asus software, Game Booster ( yuck ), Speedfan, CoreTemp and CPU-Z for Core voltage. All of them the same output.
    Core voltage is around 1,5 is that too much?

    EDIT.: As some details, the cooler is the stock one, and has some cooper pipes to dissipate heating, I touched those to check it
    out and well, I just got a new burnt finger =)
    I am really going to buy a new cooler, probably the H60, what you guys think about it? is it good enough?
  5. BUUMP

    Addional details....
    Well, I checked the MB values, Disabled cool'n quiet, enabled manual fan speed, and set it to turbo mode, and to be anabled from 60° and up, and well CPU was at 79°
    and the Mobo was only reading 2700 RPM from the fan and dropping to 2500 more
    or less.
    So you guys really think it's a fan problem?

    This is the cooler that it came with .:

    It used to get even to 5000 RPM, could it be a software issue? Even after
    I turned settings on the Bios?

    Thanks guys.
  6. I got a Thermaltake Frio on a 965be - never hit over 52 at 3.9ghz.
  7. mrsav25 said:
    I got a Thermaltake Frio on a 965be - never hit over 52 at 3.9ghz.

    But maybe that depends on where you Live, here in brazil in summer it's already around 40° on the outside.
    I am thinking about buying the Corsair H60 or the NH-D14 but this last one is really expensive.
    I don't want to buy a bad product, is the Thermaltake Frio a good one?
  8. Well, I took off the stock cooler from it's place, cleaned it, and it seems that the fan is running back again.
    Still, something that preocupates me is the state of the thermal paste, I took some pics of it.:

    It seems to have dried up, what could be normal, but I have to at least put it back again. After I took it off, I cleaned it from dust and the
    fan speed came back to normal, but due to paste deterioration, it's running at around 5000 RPM and it won't come under 65-70°, and the
    system is almost idle, since I am only using this internet browser.
    We also can't really seem from the pics, since my phone is rubbish, but above the processor chip, there is a small black mark,
    like a burnt, that worried me a little.
    I will receive the H60 this next week, It seems that will solve my problem, which will also come with a new thermal paste.
  9. Yeah, I will receive the H60 this week to come, and it comes with paste applied, do you think I
    should buy some AS5 and put it instead of the one that will come?
    I will also look for some tutorials on how to clean and apply it, I don't have much experience in dealing
    with processors.
  10. Ok, so before I close this thread and choose the best answer, tell me, could I use a normal hygienic paper
    to clean it? Or the paper towel we have on the kitchen( Since you mentioned paper towel, were you refering to those? ), or will those leave any kind of residues?

    Thanks for the help so far, from everyone.
  11. Best answer selected by luiscesjr.
  12. Hum, ok, will use the towel. I already ordered the AS5, hopefully they will arrive together.
    Thanks man!
  13. Quote:
    enjoy and get those temps low.!!!!

    Thanks for all the help man! And everyone else who also gave their opnions!
    I installed a H60 with a push/pull fant looks quite nice!

    I took a pic of my new temperatures, and well the fans and the pump are running very low!
    On stock fan I had to run it always above 5000 RPM to get below 50 °.

    I just think I screwed a bit on the thermal paste part, I used the method described on the
    Arctic Silver site, putting a dot and sticking the pump above it and let it spread by itself.
    It wasn't really THAT good looking when I checked, but all cores seem to be getting the same
    temperature so I think it's quite nice for my first try =) ( I had to spread a little bit of the paste,
    I used the pump itself for the job ).
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