Spec'ing out a new HTPC build for a friend. Looking at a bunch of options, but keeping the price in his ballpark (<$400, not including OS and monitor) has proved a little challenging. I was looking into the AMD APU and they seem to fit very well for this purpose. I was wondering if I should restart using an AMD APU as the core of my build.

Usage: Movies, BluRay, Netflix, Streaming to Xbox

Any thoughts/comments are welcome.
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  1. Don't do it.

    You might like it.

    Good deals on Llano/FM1. Trinity/FM2 could be arriving June/July or so is probably part of the reason.
  2. Sure why not?
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    Absolutely would do a Llano build for an HTPC, I disagree with wisecracker... Theres no logic to his suggestion, its an HTPC not a gaming desktop that you need to upgrade... *facepalm*

    Make sure you get 1600mhz or 1866mhz RAM, since your RAM is your video memory, spend the extra couple bucks for the higher speed.
  4. Sure!
  5. the on board graphics are great for blue ray. made an htpc for my gf with left of psu, dvd player, hdd. total cost of new parts was 280.
  6. I have an APU for my HTPC and it works great.
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  8. Llano APUs and sFM1 motherboards are quickly coming down in price because Trinity/sFM2 will be here soon.

    And for your uses you may be able to snag an SSD with a AMD E350 and stay in budget.

    Like the ASRock E350M1 AMD E-350 APU
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