Sony Viao Laptop Display Problem

My sony viao laptop is having some serious diaplay issues. On switching on the laptop, it shows several veritcal lines on screen and nothing else for a few seconds. Then, it shows some distorted images on display. Then suddenly, it starts working normally for a few seconds. again the problem starts after a few seconds.

Please help!
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  1. Connect an external display (monitor) to the laptop and see whether the same display problems persist.

    If you have the same problems in the external monitor then it is because of a bad graphics card in the laptop.

    If the external display is fine, then the display on the laptop is defective.
  2. Hello,

    From what you have described I would say the problem is related to the Nvidia GPU in your laptop.

    There is an inherent defect that is present in a huge number of laptops of all makes and models and as a result you could be able to claim compensation from the company which sold you the laptop.

    Please take a look at for more information.

    Good luck.
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