560 bottleneck

ok ty for reading this.. Here is my setup to start out with....

Mobo is a ASUS M3N72-D duel Sli,
AMD 940 quad core 3.5 overclocked
CPU, 125 watts
1 LG 22" LCD 10,000 to 1. 2 ms,
2 EVGA 9800 GTXs + super clock GPUs....
Cooler Master PSU 750W real power,
2 WD HDD 500 G @ 7200 RPMS ( IN RAID 0 ),
ANTEC 300 CASE.....

I want and did to update my GPU, its been to long. re: 9800s. I am looking at the 560 gtx ( Fermi ) or the 550ti. Would like to know well the 560 bottleneck my CPU?

I know i need to update my MOBO & CPU at some time so i want to start out with the GPU
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  1. It should work fine X4 @ 3.5GHz and GTX560.
  2. ok good i well order the card latter tonight... ( i like the price ) what do you think about me using one of my old 9800s for PhysX? if it would work good ill give the other one to a good bro!
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    Nothing wrong with that!
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  5. rolli59 said:
    Nothing wrong with that!

    i got the 560 OC non ti in today :bounce: wow what a great looking card..... WOW i hope it dose me as good as those 9800s + SC did
  6. rolli59 said:
    It should work fine X4 @ 3.5GHz and GTX560.

    lol its times 8
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