Which is the best anti virus?

Advice please
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  1. The ones I've had the best luck with are Vipre and AVG.

    Avoid Norton and McAfee. Panda Anti Virus and Bit Defender are decent but AVG and Vipre are far better.
  2. AVG is probably the best free in my opinion. If you want to pay for it I like ESET NOD64.
  3. I would reccomend Avast! AVG is a memory hog. Windows Security Essentials is far too basic. I use Avira, and i works perfectly, but Avast! has more features, and the best UI, IMHO.
  4. A lot depends on what you consider "best." For instance, a program with a high detection rate may have other issues that make it less attractive in the long run. If you spend some time at the AV- Comparatives website, you can get a good idea of how various programs deal with different issues that may be important to you.

  5. MSE.
  6. ^^^
    Too basic. I set it up for people who don't like messing around with their antivirus, but Avast! has better features, better UI, more options, more scan types, better detection, etc. It's really like the browser wars. There are a bazillion out there. Test them out and figure out which one suits you best.
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