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So I have had this computer for about 6 months up and running and just did a reformat the other day because my widnows got corrupt somehow but anyways since doing this my boot times have been much longer and since the reformat I noticed my boot order has changed and something was added.

Old boot order

Samsung HDD

New boot order
Windows BOOt

If I try to change the new boot order at all it wont boot unless the windows boot is first.

Also noticed during boot now there is a _ in the upper left corner during the whole boot which never has been there before.


ASUS P8p67 PRo
Corsair HX850
G.skill 1600 RAM
some shitty gts520 nvdia gfx due to my nice one dieing :(

Any help would be greatly appricated guys.


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  1. bump ?!?!?
  2. Maybe it's doing a UEFI boot. How much have your boot times changed?
  3. it does say UEFI in the corner of the windows boot icon in the bios. about 24 seconds
  4. Windows BOOt?
    with capital o's and a little t?
    that looks pretty suspicious imo. hackers like capital letters in odd places =P
  5. no i dont think it was excatly like that but I wish I could get this fixed its very aggrivating and I dont want to have to reformat again.
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