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Hello again guys, Im wondering if i can run two monitors, at the moment i have the Radeon Sapphire HD5670 graphics card, and the ASUS M4A78LT-M LE motherboard, is it possible for me to use the Sapphire HD and the onboard graphics to have 2 VGA/DIV monitors? I dont really want to run a VGA and a HD from my Sapphire because HD monitors are abit expensive for me at the moment, and i just want to dual screen, so cheapist is the best :)

Cheers guys
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  1. No, as far as I know there is no way to run both integrated and dedicated graphics in the same time except you use dual graphics or optimus. So you may choose 3 ways, get two adapters like this:
    (need to confirm if somebody tried this yet, I haven't and I don't know)
    Or an adapter of your empty Display Port to VGA (according to the website, you have one display port):
    Or get the cheapest new HDMI monitor:
    (I need to confirm since I have never tried these, I usually buy the monitor that I have the interface to, but the third is best)
  2. YES !!!

    Tom's even ran an article about it when the original AMD 780 mobos came out.

    Lookee Here for instructions

  3. Yes,

    You probably can use the onboard and a discrete board at the same time.

    I have built several workstations using the built in graphics as the boot and command
    screen and have two hi-res monitors connedted to my discrete card for editing and drawing. Most good mother boards allow this option including ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI ........
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