I5 3210m vs i7 3610m

Im trying to determine if the i7 3610m is worth an extra 70 dollars versus the i5 3210m. I am on a tight budget and I am trying to lower the price of the laptop as far as possible while not sacrificing much graphics power. I will be using an nvidia 670m, im just wondering if theres a noticable difference in FPS if I were to save 70 dollars and et the i5. If so, is it worth the money for the i7? thanks. :bounce:
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  1. It depends on what you are going to be doing with your laptop. The I7 is a quad core mobile processore. The I7 will be a quad core with 8 threads the I5 is a dual core with four threads. The point is the I7 is a little more powerful the question is do you need that extra power.
  2. for games, no change, it's all about the video card choice.
  3. I'm aware that video cards are essentially the determining factor in frames, but the i5 has a lower max clock speed on 2 cores versus four. I'm inexperienced with mobile gaming, i'm just wondering if the sacrifice in frames would be significant, or if not, noticable. Many modern games are utilising 4 cores, thats mainly what i'm worrying about.
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    Most games are NOT using four cores. Most are only using one or two cores. There are only a few games like BF3 and I think Skyrim that benefit from the two extra cores. For most games a mobile I5 would be fine.
  5. What games?
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  7. Alright thank you, I will be saving the extra money and going with the i5. I appreciate all your help.
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