can my pc run ati 6770

Intel dual core e5300 2.6GHz

2GB of RAM


Odyssey 450w PSU
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  1. I'd say it will not be balanced, I suggest you to upgrade everything else also.
  2. yeah it will run but your cpu will bottlenect the card, you can minimize the bottlenecking my turning up the visual settings in games
  3. Yes it will run most games real well dont listen to these guys CPU is secondary specially on a lower end Mid range 6770 rig like yours just dont go in expecting 60fps maxed in all the new games and you will be delighted. PEACE
  4. Well what? I am not saying that you will face bottlenecks, because you probably won't. I'm just saying that running HD 6770 on that kind of system is very strange, like you have one Car and others were old bicycle. So to see boost the OP must upgrade anything else, PSU especially if it's below 24A on the 12V rail. I was not saying like what you said. And Gordon Freeman, don't insult people like 'Don't listen to these guys' because that ain't allowed in here and forum rules. Attack the idea, not the person, you could be nicer when you use 'The CPU was not going to bottleneck' without saying those words, rather than having those insulting word.
  5. I'd suggest getting 4 gb of ram and a 6670.
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