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After getting all the hardware components assembled on a new build, in what order should I install software and drivers? Here is my plan at the moment:

1) Flash BIOS
2) Boot to DVD-ROM and install Windows
3) Install motherboard drivers and utilities from flash drive
4) Install graphics driver from flash drive
5) Connect to Internet
6) Download and install security application
7) Update Windows
8) Check for and install any other updates I may have missed

How does that sound? Did I miss something major? Should I be doing this in a different order?

Thank you for any advice,
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    Only do #1 if you really need to. Otherwise, IMO, you should leave BIOS alone. The rest of your plan looks good.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Here:

    This will tell you EXACTLY what to do.
    It's a long video, but it goes into detail about the steps.
  3. You basically are correct, though I don't know what you mean by "flash drive".

    You should be getting your drivers straight from the Internet:
    - motherboard website
    - graphics card (i.e. or )
  4. By "flash drive", I meant that I would have downloaded the drivers ahead of time using a different computer and saved them to a USB drive.

    Since no one has raised any major red flags, I think I am all set.

  5. I think he means he will download the drivers from his old computer/another computer and move them to a thumb drive and transfer to his new computer.
  6. stosterud said:
    Since no one has raised any major red flags, I think I am all set.


    Only do #1 if you really need to
    Red Flag ----^

    -Wolf sends
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