Do I need to upgrade my PSU for SLI?

I want to add another gtx 570 to my rig, but im not sure if i need a new power supply to do so. Here's what i have:

Intel i7-2600k OC 4.3 Ghz
Asus Gtx570 Direct CUII
8gb Dual channel vengence RAM
p8p67 pro motherboard
1TB WD Caviar Black HDD
LG Bluray R/W Drive
Seasonic 760W 80+ Gold PSU

Thanks for any help :)
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    You have a very high quality PSU. Should be fine. Gtx 570 can take a maximum of 225 watts if not overclocked (75 watts x 2 pcie 6 pins + 75 watts from pcie slot). Two of them can consume a max of 450 watts at full stress. Here are numbers from actual tests:
  2. No problem with that PSU.
  3. Thanks for the help :)
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