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my computer has a cd[dvd drive built in and the hardwear isn't being detected how do I reinstall it the trouble shooter says to try reinstalling it help please
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  1. Hello Jean_48;

    Run Device Manager. From the Start Menu, type in Device in the search bar at the bottom.
    From the Control Panel section choose Device Manager.
    In the Device Manage window click on the little triangle next to the DVD/CD-ROM drive category.
    The click on your DVD drive to high light it and then right mouse click and choose Uninstall.

    Reboot your computer. Your computer may tell you it found new hardware and might try to install a new driver.
    Otherwise, get back into device manager. From the top menu choose Action - Scan for Hardware Changes. If it finds the DVD drive it should try and install a driver.
    If it doesn't go back in the DVD/CD-ROM drive category, choose your DVD drive and right mouse click and choose Install.
  2. Hi :)

    First check its seen in the Bios...if its not you need a new drive...and nothing you do in Windows will help....

    All the best Brett :)
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