Suggestions for 15" Ivy Bridge laptop

Sooo im off to Georgia Tech soon for college and you know what that means... time to buy a laptop- and I need a little help choosing. I'm going into Biomedical engineering so it'll have to have a little power of course. Here's a quick list of req's:

1. Ivy Bridge Processor (b/c of lower power consumption and better graphics)
2. 15" Screen size (14" fine if an ultrabook)
3. PREFERABLY Asus or Samsung. I like their sleek metallic aesthetics :) (not to mention reliability)
4. About $1000 max
5. Decent GPU

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  1. Zenbook Prime vs Samsung 9 Series would be the ideal choices but I think they're going to push your budget a little. I also like the Dell XPS 13 & 14. Those are more than capable of meeting your needs for a portable powerhouse.
  2. Lenovo Y580.
  3. How about this:

    Is the HD 4000 a decent gpu?

    Also, do you think its worth going with the I7 3517 over the i5 3317?
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